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Privacy & Terms

If you use our site you agree to the below privacy, terms, and cookies policies. 

Privacy Policy

Rick Services LLC does not sell our customers or website member's information. We will use any information obtained through your interactions with our website and company to streamline your experience and connect you with products and resources that we feel relate to you. 

Terms of Use

In order to use, you must agree to our cookies and privacy policy. If you do not agree please discontinue use of our website immediately. Before discontinuing use please send us a message using the chat saying "Delete My Information". 


Our website uses cookies to track customers who visit our site. All site visitors will have the IP address of the device they use to access our website remembered so that when you visit again we will know it is you. If you contact us using the chat box, those conversations are saved in our database to streamline our ability to provide you the best customer service and track the services you request. 

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